Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Fun Project

I started buying men's shirts from thrift stores when I was in Tennessee and then continued when I got home.

When I had myself a fine little pile, I started thinking of different things I could make out of them. This isn't so different from Brooklyn and Madison's trash monster project in my last blog. It's fun to make things out of "trash". Only, my "trash" was old shirts.

Here are a few things I've made so far....

Coasters for your drinks.

A little cell phone bag for Nana. She needs to keep her cell phone on her when she is by herself in her house in case she falls or has an emergency. This is made from a french cuff in a men's shirt. The 4 button holes lined up perfectly for me to thread the thin rope through to make the strap. I sewed up the sides and added a little clay bead I made. Her cell phone fits nicely inside.

I also use men's cuff's to put around a cold soda to keep hands from getting cold and wet. I used to use paper napkins around a drink. This works perfectly. Neato.

Here is a very simple bookmark. It's made from shirt scraps. I fused the white flower (a scrap from a white shirt) and used a black pen to make it look like button hole stitches. I just added a little button on some yarn and there you go....

Ok, now this one got me excited. I used the back panal of a men's shirt to make a very simple apron.
The side and bottom seams are all finished already from the constuction of the shirt. I just sewed up the top, added ties and a pocket and buttons from a thift store dress I cut up. I've been wearing this apron all evening.

Here is my new variation on the taggy's I make for babies.
I cut off the points of the collar on the shirt. I used these points instead of the usual ribbon. I think it makes it more appropriate for boys. This one is for Donovan and he can fiddle and suck on the points all he wants. (Dave and I get to go see Donovan and Scott and Kiana next weekend for his Blessing. We can't wait!)
The other side is a soft blue fleece.

I love to make pillows.
Here is one I made from the same shirt as my apron. I added a blue shirt for the border.
Now the cool part is the back.
I used the front part of the shirt with the buttons. It makes it easy to insert the pillow form into the pillow, and then you button it closed. I had cut off the one side of the shirt for a lining (with pocket included) for a cute bag I'll show you later. So I sewed on the pink poka dot fabric which makes it cuter anyway.

This pillow I made about 12 years ago. It needed a boost, so I made some yo yo's from a shirt to add some fun.

I found these wacky pajama's at the salvation army. Cute dogs having lots of summer fun. I plan on using most of it for a quilt.

I did make a cute bag though. I used the waist strings for the bag's ties. I lined it with the white shirt I mentioned earlier. Using a shirt with a pocket already on it makes it an easy way to line a bag with a pocket. I love this fabric. It cracks me up.

My plan is to make a simple quilt with these thrift store shirts.
Do you have any ideas for more fun projects to make with them?
Let me know so I can try some more projects.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Trash Monsters

No. . . These two adorable girls are not Trash Monsters.

This is Brooklyn and her friend Madison.

Here are the Trash Monsters.

When Dave and I were in Tennessee, Brooklyn and Madison had a homework assignment to create a monster using only things from the trash. It was a lesson on recycling. They designed the monsters by themselves, and then I used the glue gun to glue it together.

Clever girls.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Donovan is here!

Meet Donovan

Isn't he sweet?
He's just perfect..and I think we'll keep him.
You did good, Scott and Kiana!

What do you think little Donovan is thinking in this picture?

I had just completed making his quilt top the day he was born.

"Little Boys Toys" is the name of the quilt.

My friend Sharon designed all the cute cars and trucks.

I'm off to Tennessee for some quilting fun and visiting and babysitting with Jamie and Anita's family.

When I get back I'll get Donovan's quilt finished.

Then I need to get busy and finish Scott and Kiana's quilt....that I started 2 years ago.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Some Completed Projects

The quilt retreat was relaxing and fun. Annie does a great job organizing these retreats and having great teaching moments.

I did get some things accomplished.

I finished stitching around the butterflies in Macy's quilt,

I made some neck pillows,

and a little bird just for fun.

Here are some quilt blocks I'm working on.

And I finished my little quilt for our new grandson due any day now.
We're excited and can't wait!
I'm still working on the quilt with the cars and trucks.
Pictures will come later.
Then when I got home I put the pedal to the metal and finished Macy's quilt.

I put on the colorful border and quilted it with loopy loops and flowers.
I was worried that it would be too stiff from all the fusible web,
but after I washed it, it was nice and soft.

Here is the label that is on the back.

Robin called this morning to tell me it arrived in time for Macy's birthday and that Macy loves it.
As I'm writing this blog, Macy is having her
"Shake it Up With Macy" birthday party.
Happy birthday Macy. We love you!

I'm going to end this blog showing you this cute wicker rocking chair and table I got at an estate sale yesterday. It looks so cute outside my mom and dads back door in the back yard. I just mentioned I like the chair, and they said I could just have it....and would I like to have the table as well?

I love it when that happens.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Four Projects in the Works

I have 4 projects that I am trying hard to complete by their deadlines.

Baby Grace will be one in a few weeks.
I just completed her little doll last night.

I found the pattern on line. It's called Ruby Doll

Next is Macy. She is due for her 3 year old big girl quilt.
I have lots more to do on her quilt.

Right now I am sewing around the butterflies with my buttonhole stitch on my machine.
It is pattern called Flutter, by Allison Jane Smith in her book Frills.

We are so excited about our new grandson coming early in April.
I am making him ... not one ... but two quilts.

I have a bag of remnants, from a men's clothing company.
I cut up strips to make this cute log cabin block quilt. I plan on quilting it today.

Here is the other quilt I'm working on.

I am embroidering the cars and trucks in brown.
The fabric I will be using is this green and brown.
Then.... for fun and relaxation I will be leaving on friday for another quilt retreat
with Annie Smith.

I'll bring back some pictures.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

In a Few Hours it will be March

In a few hours it will be March.
So I better hurry up so February will have a blog.

Dave and I had our wonderful trip to Tennessee to see Jamie and Anita
and the girls. Brooklyn's birthday was special and what a joy to be there for her baptism.

She loved the little doll I made for her..... but then.....

Abby really fell in love with her. She slept with her every night we were there. She even made her a little bed.

What was sweet was Brooklyn was OK with that.
You never know....

When we got home, we had a few days before Robin and her kids flew in for a ten day visit.
Robin blogged about our adventures, so you can check that out at Be sure to see all 5 posts. We had lots of fun.
Parker and I did find time to do a few crafty projects.

With some fabric scraps we made this little doll quilt.

She wanted to embroider so bad and kept I asked her what did she want to embroider. "An Easter Bunny" she said. So I let her draw one on some muslin, then put it in a hoop and showed her how to do a few stitches. She was tired of that after about 5 stitches and asked me if I would do it for her. So after I finished, I made it up into a little quilt for her. She was excited to show her teacher when she got back home.

We had an especially lovely day at Carmel Beach . Here is a picture of Robin, Parker, Macy and Oliver.

Later at Moss Landing I took this picture of Parker and my shadow. Great day.

My project going now is for Macy and her 3 year old , big girl, quilt.
I have two weeks to get it done.
I am also working on another quilt. This one is for our new grandson soon to be arriving. I'll post some pictures soon on my progress on these two very important quilts.

I'd better get busy!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

For Brooklyn

Brooklyn is turning 8!

This is the doll I made for her.
Here is the book I got the pattern from.

It was easy and fun to make.
I made her with blue eyes and blond hair just like Brooklyn.

Brooklyn is very sweet and thoughtful.
She is creative and clever...
and a great dancer.

Dave and I are flying out to Tennessee soon to see Brooklyn and the whole family and spend some time with them.

We can't wait